About Us

Wiseiye, Inc. is committed to protecting our environment with solutions that decrease your carbon footprint with technological solutions of purpose in promoting your core values. We maintain an innovative eye for practical solutions that improve your business operations, communications, network infrastructure and technology needs.

We have extensive expertise and certifications for the services we offer. Our experience allows us to understand your revenue, quality and growth desires as a value proposition. We manage…..you control!

We position ourselves as a strategic and tactical Thought Partner for the clients we serve. By looking at the most intimate processes of your business success we formalize a technical solution on why and how we should proceed in building the tool implemented.

It is essential that we successfully address the primary concerns and leave you with the intellectual property to integrate the solution into your unique business practices and internally maintain the technology if desired. We empower our clients and position them for growth, outlining a roadmap as a guide for the health of their business or organization.

By keeping an innovative eye on practical answers for your business operations, communications, network infrastructure and technology training solutions we offer a service most technology companies neglect to even consider.


You can find thousands of people qualified to build technically sound implementations, but will neglect to properly determine value for the growth of your business or organization.

The essential innovation towards a successful catalyst for growth is integrated into a technology initiative, which crosses all disciplines of your business or organization, intrinsically embedded in your culture that are meaningful, measurable and scalable.

The solution must practically contribute towards your sufficiency and exemplify your core values.

Serving Servers Green

Wiseiye, Inc. is committed to protecting our environment and nurturing an ambiance that elevates our purpose as vicegerents on earth, while aggressively evolving technologically to improve our way of life.

The ambiance of Wiseiye’s convergence plant excites the interest of individuals globally, rushing to tour our server farm and experience our amazing innovation to cloud computing.

Exploring beyond the algorithm of 64-bit platform technologies and virtualization infrastructure our serving servers green implementation is a breath of fresh air.

I can remember the snowy morning, as if it was yesterday, sitting in another technology product marketing strategy ruse as an educational presentation. The free food always encouraged my participation in informational presentations involving leading-edge technologies.

I hear the presenter’s words informing us about the levels of carbon dioxide one server releases into the air yearly. He uses the statistical data to justify why virtualization and cloud computing is the server room of the future.

Of course, he weaves in how the product his company is showcasing is the best solution on the market to help us integrate effortlessly. I glance at my watch waiting for lunch impatiently calculating the real cost of deployment.

My mind started to drift, until the idea crashes into my brain like a sixteen wheeler into a tricycle. I am picking my senses from the floor, dazed from the unexpected convergence of thoughts fusing my mind, as an innovative solution reveals the highest level of technology greening ever conceptualized.

I rushed to the store and purchased the necessary items, during our break, to serve my servers green. The design, configuration and implementation of the environmental solution are deployed effortlessly without a single second of down time or one bit of data lost. We were ready within minutes to showcase our innovation and look to replicate it globally.

I unlock the door to our secured facility, sitting in the middle of 700 acres of under developed territory, protecting the intellectual property of the company. I open the reinforced steel door slowly to prevent injuring my guest and step through the entryway carefully. I delicately move the long green leaves from the Muira Puama, greeting us at the first sign of light.

We step inside to embrace an exotic tropical forest of plants, flowers and trees looming over the humming servers. The Network Administrator is asleep, in the corner recliner, under the Dipteryx Odorata tree inhaling the natural oxygen produced in abundance.

His haven for reflection to design the project plan to implement our solution across the international infrastructure of the companies we serve as strategic and tactical thought partners. Our teams typically consider this space our boardroom to escape the hot air generated in the official conference room for executive meeting on the fourteenth floor.

The sign proudly hanging on the back wall edifying “See you in the future… when you get here” to mark the cornerstone of our success.